Every life matters

We have heard a great deal over this past year especially about death. I want to look at this from a different angle today and celebrate those who are survivors and exemplify hope.

Today is suicide prevention day and I want to shout out to all those among us who have contemplated ending our lives at some point, or even tried. I want to celebrate the fact you are still here, because you truly matter to people. I view suicide as an ending which those left behind will never know the reason for. For some it is a cry for help that ended in tragedy, for others it was simply a way of stopping immense suffering. Trauma is very hard to manage day after day after day.

So what do I suggest here. I am writing about this difficult subject, because it needs to be spoken about. We need to have difficult conversations and ask if people are okay. We need to text people, ring people, remember important dates and let them know we remember. And I am very grateful to those redaing this who do those things. And we need to watch ourselves in the midst of life, get enough rest and recharge time so we can be there for our friends. I tend to overdo it and i am really trying to look after myself so I can be a good friend, not a burnt out one with nothing to give.

Today’s recipe of hope is to look out for those with depression. Keep an eye on them. And if they seem as if they are not okay, ask them about it. And if you don’t feel up to that, ask someone else to check on them. And for those who have lost someone through suicide, I am sorry for your loss. I feel if we raise this tragic subject and talk about it then maybe people will share how they truly feel and lives can be saved.

Lat’s look out for one another X

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