Let’s meet

One of my dear friends wrote this today and I wanted to share about the hope we have of meeting again.

The covid rules are changing again, but it doesn’t preclude not seeing those we care about, just not more than six at a time. Personally, I look forward to meeting up with people, because it is different to meet people these days; many are shielding, many semi-shielding and many are far far away, so I may not see them for a while.

Meeting others in a safe way is a beautiful thing. There is something about the reality of a face to face encounter. We may not be able to hug, but sharing the same space (two meters apart) is lovely. I saw someone today and it was so wonderful just sitting in her garden, catching up on the time we had not seen one another ( a few years) and chewing the cud. And the home-made lemon cake was an extra bonus.

Today’s recipe of hope is to cherish being able to meet others. We can still meet in a safe way and it is lovely. Let’s make a special effort with our meetings in real life, have cake, have a sea view, go on a beautiful walk, tell each other nice things about each other.

May we all enjoy one another’s company in new and creative ways X

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