Hope rises anew

Today I woke up and my mum said that each day is a fresh start and it is. Each day is a brand new canvas to paint upon.

Hope rises like the dawn each morning; the hope to try again, the hope to do something greater for the world, to start something wonderful, be kinder, ditch old habits, old ways of thinking. We may stumble or falter in our resolve, we may not make it through the day with a perfect performance. We may mess up, screw up. wreck things, do stupid things, but there is always fresh hope that we can begin again.

I love that about hope. Our hopes and fears may wax and wane, but hope never does. We arise and she is there to welcome us, cheering us on. Hope is positive and uplifting. And Hope does not take account of regret. She looks forward, always reminding us that change is possible.

Today’s recipe of hope is to start afresh. Start a project, start writing your blog, start learning a new language. Start to live again. Sometimes pain and trauma is hard to let go of, but try moving forward today.

Let’s hope anew from this moment onwards X

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