Life is like an orange

Hello Manuela. I so enjoyed spending precious time with your lovely self and thank you for inspiring today’s post.

Manuela squeezes the max out of her days, because she knows how important and precious life is. She told me today about squeezing the juice out of each day and I love that metaphor, so that is what I am writing about.

I have had a few tragedies happen around me rcently; people dying suddenly, young people who were in the midst of their lives. Others who were older but there was no warning. We are all human and mortal and we never know how many days we will have on the planet. So squeezing the best from each day is what hope looks like to me.

Life can consist of lovely friends sitting looking at the sea eating yummy chips (my today), or sitting in a garden with other lovely friends (my today). It can be a lovely refreshing sleep (my today). And collecting lovely items for my clothing bank (my today).

Today’s recipe of hope is to squeeze the maximum from the orange that is your life. This is a challenge for all of us, given the present circumstances. But squeeze the joy and the hope out; it is in there!!

May we all enjoy drinking much from our day! X

Published by hope2020exchangingdisappointmentforhope

I am a qualified social worker and run a community project for vulnerable adults. I am passionate about social justice. I feel that every life matters. No-one is insignificant or invaluable. I also believe that everyone has the power to change, although some may not wish to. Essentially, I believe in hope. Hope Wells is my writing name.

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