Life after abuse

Today I want to write about hope for those who have been through trauma, or are experiencing it at the present time. Because there is always a way through.

I met someone recently who had escaped abuse and now wants to help others in a similar position. This person is brave and insightful and strong. And inspiring because they are very very kind. I don’t wish to focus on abuse today, because there is so much written about it, but rather how hope is there when we are experiencing it.

Trauma and traumatic experiences affect us deeply, there is no getting away from that. But we can channel the pain and know how others feel and then look out for them. That is called empathy. The same goes for having been through anything like a serious illness, Covid or anything life changing.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider our empathy for others. Ask ourselves some questions. Do we care? Do we look out for other people? And if we are stuck in a toxic relationship, then ask if that is where we want to remain.

May we grow in empathy towards others X

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