Unhelpful thinking styles

I can be quite obsessive. For those that know me you may be smiling at this point. Some things matter to me, that don’t to others. With my project, I really like to honour the items given, so I don’t really like to throw stuff away. I like to either find a different use or wash or clean it, or give it for rags if possible if it is irretrievable. And that’s okay. But I do get a bit obsessed with things.

We all can have unhelpful thinking, so I wanted to look at that today. Here are some unhelpful styles of thinking for us to consider:

  • Mental filter. This thinking style involves a filtering in and filtering out process – a sort of tunnel vision, focusing on only 1 part of a situation and ignoring the rest. …
  • Jumping to conclusions. …
  • Personalisation. …
  • Catastrophising. …
  • Black and white thinking. …
  • Shoulding and musting. …
  • Overgeneralisation. …
  • Labelling.

I am not going to explore each one, just a couple. Let’s start with catastrophising.

Catastrophising occurs when we blow things out of proportion, and we view the situation as terrible, awful, dreadful, and horrible, even though the reality is that the problem is quite small.

And now black and white thinking.

This thinking style involves seeing only 1 extreme or the other. You are either wrong or right, good or bad and so on. There are no in- betweens or shades of grey.

I think we can all be guilty of these thinking styles, I certainly am. The problem is that it becomes habitual very easily and then we believe it to be true.

One thing that I want to say is that none of us are claiurvoyants, nobody can read another person’s mind. And it is wrong to try to do so. We need to be careful, because we might try to understand someone else, but to get inside their head is another matter. Nobody knows what another person’s private thoughts consist of. That is there private world.

Today’s recipe of hope is to do some research on your thinking. And if your styles are unhelpful, consider adjustnments. This will help you to have a more hopeful outlook on life, I guarantee it.

May we fine tune our thinking to help us move forward in hope X


https://healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/U_Z/Unhelpful-thinking-styles (accessed 17/09/2020).

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