Using what’s in our hands

We have heard much about ‘the new normal’ and there is an inference of Covid in this statement, a hint that ‘the old ways were the best ways’. There is an undertone that this new way of living is slightly less ideal than our previous one. I disagree. Strongly.

I agree with the ‘new normal’, but I feel there is hope for a better path. I want to discuss doing life differently. This was sparked off by a conversation I had yesterday with someone who commented “you started off with one rail”. My ‘Clothed with dignity project’ began with a rusty clothes rail and a few donated clothes. Then a second rail appeared and that was the children’s section. Then a third and that is the school uniform section. Then a fourth wardrobe rail (which keeps breaking, but never mind) which is the very large and most popular men’s section. I have discovered men love clothes, especially when they don’t have to trail round numerous shops to find them!

And yesterday we were giving out tents, sleeping bags and blankets. We had numerous vistors who are not in accommodation. We had highly vulnerable women visit us. And we had the housing team and a local councillor amongst our guests. Basically, one rusty old rail has become a shop. This project has mushroomed. We are able to offer support to many people and that is a wonderful thing.

I ask you a question; what is in your hands today? Is it a rsuty clothes rail that you could put outside your garden with a few clothes for people? is it some spare coats you could wrap around trees? Is it some items you could donmate to charity? Have you lost your job, so you have lots of time you could use to volunteer for a project? This is how wonderful things begin. With an idea and the courage to implement it.]

Today’s recipe of hope is to take that first step. Use whatever is in your hands. One of my special people who reads this is Mrs Bib and she is such an encourgement to me. She always has something to say to cheer me on. She uses whate is in her hands.

May we all use our hands to bring hope to others X


  1. I love the posts about the project and the mushrooming of humanity alongside the rails! It’s a beautiful wonderful thing you are doing and sharing with us in an incredibly harsh situation we are all living and for some much harsher than others! The sadness we are experiencing is relieved by the hope you Bering in your messages each day, thank you.

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