The social dilemma

I watched a fascinating programme tonight about the power of artificial intelligence and how we as humans are being manipulated by this and are becoming addicted to social media. Guilty as charged.

At the end of the programme which is extremely worth watching, some very interesting questions are asked, such as deactivating all social media accounts. Very radical, or maybe a way of protecing ourselves from the onslaught that is media manipulation.

As a result of watching this programme, I am going to switch off my phone at a certain time in the evening and read a book, or talk to my family. Old habits die hard, so I am not expecting this to be easy. However I do not want to be brainwashed either.

Working with vulnerable people who are lonely and isolated has made me realise the importance of human connection via conversation. Let’s really talk to one another.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about our use of the internet or social media. Are we addicted? And if so maybe it is time to develop more healthy habits. And I dare you to switch off your phone for a while and be unavailable.

Let’s spend meaningful time with one another X


The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix ) (accessed 25/09/2020)

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