Purring hope machines

Today I wanted to share the joy of spending time with six bundles of hope. Hercules, Ursa, Juno, Mr Holmes and Nova are five of these little hope packages.

I could literally watch kittens for hours. Their is a spring in their step, a playfulness and vibrancy and a joy of being alive that is infectious. I go in to visit and come out feeling I have been in a lake of soothing balm.

Fur therapy is one of the best tonics to a stressful day I can recommend. Being surrounded by sweet, innocent creatures with no malice, just a zest for life and fun is a joy.

I have so enjoyed getting to know these little personalities. I would love to have one of my own, but alas that is not possible in my current circumstances. But I love to share their company and appreciate them while they are still being fostered.

Today I celebrate Lisa, who is an amazing foster mum to the kittens. I celebrate animal lovers everywhere who care for animals. I celebrate volunteers in rescue centres, vets and veterinary nurses.

Our recipe of hope is to treasure the animals on our planet. They are so important and a blessing to us all.

May we honour those creatures who share the planet with us X

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