Rethinking during a pandemic

I have been doing a lot of thinking during this year. About hope and about help and about how to help people find hope.

I think in these times, we all need to be refreshed in our hope tank. And we all need to rethink what life is about and what we need and do not need. I have ceased from my desire to buy clothes, or nice items for my flat, because I do not need to live that way anymore. My focus is now on keeping healthy, keeping up with friends and helping people who are suffering during this time.

I see so many people in trouble, using a foodbank, struggling financially, or living on the streets. Many are barely able to feed themselves or their children. And this is not a few. It is countless souls across the UK.

I ask myself whether the empty church buildings scattered across our land could be used during this time. Could they offer shelter to the people in woods, on the beaches. Can empty buildings such as closed shops be used to temporarily shelter people. Let’s rethink the purpose of empty buildings, when people could potentially die out there in the cold. Maybe they will mess up the lovely buildings, but actually so what. Aren’t people more important than a perfect looking empty shell that could be a life saver?

Today’s recipe of hope is to use our resources to the max. If we have clothes that we don’t need, perhaps give them to someone who does. If a building, then offer it to a charity. Let’s rethink what normal means. And be prepared to be challenged in redefining it X.


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