Hope from the streets

Today I was filled with hope from two of our clothes bank visitors who kindly agreed to be videod. This is in relation to wonderful funding for the Community Outreach Project from the National Lottery Community Fund and part of the Government’s £750 million support package for charities#communities can.

Two of our wonderful service users spoke about how the clothing bank has helped them. Just because people are vulnerable, doesn’t mean they need to be pigeon holed as scruffy. These two individuals have a lovely sense of style and are fashionistas in their own way. It is lovely to provide them with clothing, so they can express themselves.

Homelessness is not about not having a permanent home. In many senses, it is about stigma’ lack of choice so an individual feels ‘done to’ rather than being able to select a style and colour of clothing they may wish to wear. I will never forget the twenty year old very trendy young man who showed me the very female child looking hat and glove set he had been given by a charity, purely because they had nothing else to give. I could see he felt humiliated rather than helped. Let’s treat people with the respect they deserve, not as ‘charity cases’ to make oursleves feel like we are doing good.

These days I am asking myself tough, hard line questions regarding my motives for things. I am questiuoning many things. I feel life in Covid times demands a new approach. The old ways seem stale and irrelevant in so many ways.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think out of the box and try a fresh approach; to life, to charity, to something you have always done. Do something different. And please share it with us.

Let’s break away from stale thinking X

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