Fighting for hope

I have just watched a wonderful film, which encapsulates hope; the hope of finding someone who has disappeared: Enola Holmes. I love the quirky, idiosyncratic narrative and Enola’s free spirit. Well worth a watch.

The film got me thinking about women. Women have fought for centuries; to be recognised, to have equal rights and a vote. Women have faced perilous situations, like the suffragettes. Where would women be without other women standing for what is right and just and true.

We need to have a voice. We need as humans to stand up for what is right and fight for it in a non violent, peaceful yet strong way. We need to be heard. I fight for hope and I hold on to her, sometimes with all the strength I can muster.

Today’s recipe of hope is to fight for hope. If you are losing hope, summon her back, resurrect that fighting spirit. Never give up.

Let’s fight on to hope with all our might X


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