We all make mistakes

Recently I have been setting up a clothing bank. And things haven’t always gone to plan. For example, I am not sure whether when we give clothes out on request, they are suitable or enough. It is difficult to gauge. But we do our best.

I am learning how to do things better, the amount to distribute and we are getting a bit more organised, so we can lay our hands on the items we need. But it isn’t perfect. Just work in progress. And sometimes it goes wrong. Sometimes maybe I don’t find the address, or turn up on time to collect etc etc. And isn’t that life work in progress, not a perfect performance.

As I get older, I realise that mistakes are part of life. In fact there is a saying that goes ” he who never made a mistake never made anything”. I would add she. I make so many mistakes, but I learn from them, as do we all.

Let’s be easy on ourselves and others. People really generally do their best, especially volunteers, so let’s be grateful and kind to one another. And if people make a mistake and say sorry, then let’s forgive and forget unless it needs to be rectified.

Today’s recipe of hope is to go easy on yourself if you have made mistakes. And if you need to say sorry, don’t put it off.

Let’s be kind to ourselves and one another X

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