Life is full of surprises!

I have just watched a programme about the Australian bush fires. Little did I think when I went to see my family in Sydney for Christmas and New Year, that I would be living through a state of National Emergency.

My sister’s pets were evacuated at one point and we had a beautiful rag doll cat called Oscar staying with us. I remember reading the fire warnings most days and the heading ‘catastrophic would flash up’.

I was so privileged to get in the front row for the Sydney fireworks and saw the New Year in with a literal bang. I sensed that this was the last time I would do this and cherished the moment.

Then I returned to the UK on 19th January. I heard some strange news reports about a weird virus hitting Sydney. I returned to the UK and then the pandemic became real.

So I have lived through a National Emergency in Australia and a worldwide pandemic. And I am still full of hope. I have had some immense challenges in my personal life too, but I think I am pretty resilient. And my lovely Guardian Angel Hope has been with me through it all.

Life is full of surprises and we are tougher than we think. Today’s recipe of hope is to celebrate your inner strength and if you have a Christian faith then say a prayer of thanks to God for your strength from Him. And let’s remember those brave firefighters across the world who have given their lives to keep us safe X

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