The best laid plans…

After sharing my virtual oops moment, I had an actual oops moment yesterday. I stumbled and smashed into the doorframe, spraining my ankle and possibly fracturing my hand, so my intended two blogs yesterday were only one. So I am one behind.

Having an accident wrecks one’s day. My lovely day off turned into a not so lovely day, with a trip to A and E. But I am grateful nothing was broken and I am grateful that I haven’t got Covid. I am grateful for so much in these uncertain, unstable times.

My plan to write a daily blog every day has hit a bit of a bump or rather blockade in the road. But I will write enough blogs to cover every day (one behind). Sometimes life (and blogging) doesn’t work out how we hoped or imagined. And that is okay. Because my friends, there is always Plan B.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider your Plan B. Not all of us get Plan A, in fact I have never known what that feels like. My life is more a series of plan Z’s to be honest.

May we all know the joy of venturing forth on a different adventure from that we had hoped for and learn that truly life is full of wonderful, invigorating surprises X

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