Living life differently

I think most of us view life very differently now than at the beginning of the year, pre lockdown, pre pandemic. But that isn’t such a bad thing. Re-evaluation is important; we evolve, grow, re-evaluate and reflect.

So what are the lessons of life for me this year? I have learnt to truly appreciate small things; my brother visited today and it was lovely to watch tv with him and have a chat and a cuppa. I love spending time with friends. I have loved being with new born kittens and beautiful walks. I cherish my home hairdressers visits. I have read as never before. I would have thought these things quite mundane before.

So what has changed? What do I do differently? I have started to really assess what I throw away. I try to waste as little as possible. If clothing given to the clothing bank is stained or soiled, I will try to rescue it if possible. I am following the wise words of David Attenborough, not to waste. I am not going shopping for clothes, because I do not need any and I work in a clothing bank. I try to help when I can and listen and be kind. And not be too hard on myself.

Waste not want not is an old adage, but very true. My friend was going to throw away a long metal spike and I thought this could be used for a homeless person to cook something ovcr a fire. So it didn’t go in the bin. There is a wonderful project called The Scrapstore, run by Mencap, which accepts old magazines and craft materials and supports people with learning difficulties, preparing them for employment.

Today’s recipe of hope is not to waste things. Let’s all do our bit for our precious planet X



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