Hello and an explanation

Hello everyone. Those faithful followers may have noticed an absence of my daily hope recipes. Last week I had a really horrible fall and hurt my hand and foot and to be honest it knocked me for six. I said I would write every day for a year. And we are five posts down. In an effort to make up for it I am going to post more over the next few days. I apologise because I didn’t manage to reach my goal. But the truth is hope is about falling over sometimes (literally in my case) and getting back up.

I hope you are all keeping well. I have many things to share which I hope you will find interesting. I will share some more about our clothing bank and the lessons I have been learning.

One thing I think is important to me is that when things ‘fit’ they fit. I am doing a lot around clothes at the moment and one man tried on a jacket that just wasn’t quite right. Another came along and tried it on and it was a perfect fit. He commented that he would be auditioning for a part in Grease. It was interesting that another person rejected a hat because it had some pigeon poop on it (we moved the tables further out) and another person took it. People’s standards are different.

When things don’t fit they just don’t. When things don’t work they just don’t. Sometimes it is facing up to it and acknowledging the truth rather than trying to make something fit when it doesn’t. This is true of so many things; jobs, friendships, relationships.

Let’s find our perfect best fit X


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