Hope is challenging

How many times in life have we wanted to give up? How many times have we wanted to chuck in the towel because something seemed too difficult, But hope kept us pressing on and we did it. I love the marathon runners who always seem so exhausted at the end, but with a victorious smile. Life is full of tough challenges but hope keeps us moving towards victory.

I wil never forget when I started the MA in social work. I remember feeling unbelievably overwhelmed. I am not a quitter but i thought ‘this is too hard, I cannot do this’. It felt like climbing Everest. And then suddenly out of the blue the phone rang and my dear Uncle’s voice came on and told me ‘we are in the next field’. My Uncle and Aunt came to my rescue. I felt cared for and this helped me overcome my fear of failure. And I obtained my MA and am a qualified social worker, with many years behind me now.

The two ingredients for facing a successful challenge are I believe supporters to cheer us on when it gets tough and secondly the hope of what we want to achieve. In really difficult places we need the hope of others to shine like a torch on our pathway.

Today’s recipe of hope is to firstly keep going. If you are struggling, share with a friend and ask them to encourage you. And if it seems an impossible situation, get another perspective; that always helps. May we all achieve great things and help others to do the same X

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