Seeing hope in rubbish

Hello everyone. It has been a while. The challenges of having a fractured wrist have been significant and I am glad my hope quota was quite big before it happened!

I have always felt we can do a lot more about waste than we do. A few recycling boxes on a kerb never really cut it in my view. So, during this pandemic, I have set up a project that in my view is about those who have redistributing to those who have not.

We have been running what started as a clothing bank and has now metamorphosed into a free charity shop. We give away many things that could go in the bin; used socks, used or unworn bras, men’s underwear, worn flipflops. I may not need to use a clothing bank, but many people do. Many women are unable to afford bras or new underwear, many men are unable to afford socks, underpants or boxers. This is shocking and true. And many British people are walking around with holes in their shoes, or trainers that are split. Many families cannot afford to feed, yet along clothe their children. I feel we are living in twentieth century Victorian England.

I write this not to shock, but because it is the truth. I live and work in one of the most deprived areas in the South East of England. Many people are struggling; this week’s foodbank queue went up the street about 100 yards-250 parcels are going out each week!

So what can be done? Well pure and simply each of us can do something. Small acts of kindness, befriending the lonely, simply thinking of other people makes a difference. Someone recently sent me a card because I have fractured my wrist. That meant a lot. Someone recorded me a beautiful encouraging message today. Someone else has been guest blogging for me. These things touch my heart.

|Today’s recipe of hope is to touch someone’s heart. Be creative-someone paid for a coffee for the car behind at Costa recently and that made someone’s day. And use your gifts. Some of my friends are the most amazing hosts and make incredible food in their home made pizza oven. Let’s all make a special effort to spread that hope around.

Love to you all X

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