Lessons in Lockdown 2

During the first lockdown, I began to re-evaluate life. In this second lockdown, I am starting to try things out. Let’s explore this further.

So, one of the things I have learnt most about is that people are in desperate situations in huge numbers. Living in fear of a virus, lonely, cut off, isolated, in poverty. Indeed I would say that exuberantly happy people in the UK are in the minority at the present time.

So where does this leave us? I would argue that it leaves us gasping for hope in this pandemic. And what I would suggest is that hope and kindness are inextricably linked. By seeking to give to others, we help keep hope alive in our hearts and the lives of other people.

One small action has a ripple effect. I have seen old people doing walks on their zimmer frames, young children who have lost limbs raising money for others and countless other wonderful things, I have been heartened by the desire to hope and help that is flourishing at this time.

Today’s recipe of hope is to watch an inspiring act of kindness that you know about, on your screen. Then take some time to reflect on it and think about acts of kindness you have been shown. You may feel inspired to do something wonderful today. X

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