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Having run a clothing bank for a little while now, sadly one thing that has risen to the surface is greed. And that is what I want to explore today.

I have done a lot of reflecting today. Does giving away items for free make people different and therefore dehumanise them? I have observed people literally fighting over coats. This is so sad and I wonder about us humans.

It is interesting to see people snatch and grab things. Volunteers offering their time possibly for what free items they can take. Wanting the best items for themselves. Commenting on the ‘deserving poor’. |What is the answer.

I am wondering about a model of free charity. Is this the best approach . What if people sell things on, as I know some do?

On the flip side, I think about those who have had nothing and are extremely grateful. I think of people who are rough sleeping, who have taken items they need to survive. And I am led to believe that the human condition is that some people need help and some may appear to need help and may not.

I totally agree with the quote by Andy Stanley above. I respond by thinking about my own greed and challenging myself. These days I consider carefully before I buy new clothes? Do I want or need them? Materialism can creep in like a heartfog and clog one’s spirit.

Today’s recipe of hope is to ask hard questions? Am I greedy? Do I care more about myself than others? Have I taken advantage of someone else and should I rectify this? Change begins with ourselves.


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