As I shared yesterday, I have been wrestling with a deep dark question: am I greedy? It is so easy to become greedy without realising it. In my view, the opposite and in fact the antidote to greed is generosity.

Generosity is having open hands. I watched a lovely film yesterday (The Christmas Drop), which encapsulates generosity. Being generous of spirit is a true friend of hope.

So what does this look like? I think it looks like this. On the Clothes shoes helpline there is a page called Secret Santa where people post their needs for hygiene boxes and so on. And other kind people give. And it looks like someone having collected items from their friends to give to complete strangers who are homeless and live miles away (hope you are reading this). It looks like someone giving their rucksacks away because they did not need them for work. It looks like people doing acts of kindness that form a big picture of hopeful help outworking itself in practical ways.

Today’s recipe of hope is to watch The Christmas Drop. And to set yourself a generosity challenge. And please share with us what you are going to do X


(accessed 15/11/2020)

Published by hope2020exchangingdisappointmentforhope

I am a qualified social worker and run a community project for vulnerable adults. I am passionate about social justice. I feel that every life matters. No-one is insignificant or invaluable. I also believe that everyone has the power to change, although some may not wish to. Essentially, I believe in hope. Hope Wells is my writing name.

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