My hope year

I have been reflecting a lot over recent days on my year as a first time blogger. Thank you to all of you who have joined me on my journey.

At the start of the blogging hope adventure, I set out to explore what a life with hope looked like. And I have learned many lessons along the way. I promised to be transparent and I think I have stuck with that-you have followed the ups and downs of an amateur to the blogging world.

So what are the lessons I have learned? As it comes towards the end of the year, I acknowledge that I didn’t manage to post every day as I had hoped. But I posted most days. My aim now is to have 365 posts by the end of the year, so some days I will write two or perhaps even three.

I had an accident in October and fractured my wrist. I then made the decision to not put myself under pressure to type one handed each day. I was really struggling enough without added things. Somehow everything is harder with a cast on. But great news-my wrist has healed and I am free of pain!

So I learnt that even if you don’t reach your goal, that is okay and you can perhaps go round the mountain in a different way. And it doesn’t mean you have failed. The biggest lesson about Hope is that she keeps on trying and is ever encourging. If you fail and fall then you can simply get back up and try again.

This might sound extremely simple and possibly trite, however sometimes a perfectionist streak can lead to all or nothing black and white approaches to life which are extremely unhelpful. I think hopefulness is consistent and just rides the undulating curves of life.

Today’s recipe of hope is to do a hope review of this year? How is it for you? Have you lost hope? Are you more hopeful or is there just a glimmer? And take some time just to sit and think, or walk and think. It does you good X

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