The currency of kindness

One thing this year has taught me most is the importance of human kindness. I think the pandemic has been a leveller; most of us have suffered greatly this year in one form or another. People in my immediate circle have had tragedy, I have just had a bereavement which has really upset me. This year for me is memorable in that it is etched with an indelible hallmark of pain and grief.

And yet in the midst of all this, a new star shines. There is a dawning of hope; beyond looking out for oneself; beyond greed, beyond materialism for its own sake. There is a light that shines called community kindness, where those who are blessed consider the poor. There is redistribution of things that are no use to others. And I have seen a great deal of this over recent months.

Staring stark poverty in the face changes one. I have changed over the past few months. I examine myself and ask a lot of questions; am I selfish? Am I greedy? What is my attitude to poverty? What difference can I make? I think in these days it is imperative to do some soul searching.

Yesterday someone posted on a lovely FB site called secret Santa, about people being a listening ear for others. Immediately many people have offered their ears. This is one example. The Secret Santa site is filled with examples of people buying gufts for others.

It is my view that being on Universal Credit is not enough to live on. People need help from voluntary agencies and community projects. They need celebrities like Marcus Rashford to challenge the status quo.

Kindness doesn’t cost anything. But it really does have the most enormous impact. I have had a particularly challenging year and the kindness of others has been felt in a way that I have never experienced. I fractured my wrist a little while ago and someone sent me a card saying ‘Thinking of You’. This was so touching.

I thank all of you readers and followers. I am on my mission to write 365 posts before the end of the year. I may not have posted daily, as I had hoped, but it would be nice to have enough posts for the year.

Today’s hope recipe is to carefully consider the question how kind am I? Do some soul searching and maybe make some changes. And do one kind act today for another human. It might just be words. But words have power and can change a life X


Facebook: Secret Santa closed group


  1. Yes wonderful post I think I too have had to question myself and have suffered bereavement. It truly has been a difficult year for us all. We need light in our darkness and focussing on the meaning of this Advent season is a good way of thinking about the closing of the year – waiting for news of someone coming, waiting with hope in our hearts – always.

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