RIP Lewis

I am writing this as a tribute to an amazing young man who has left the earth whilst very young. He touched me and I know loads of other people with his humour and charming personality.

I am sharing this publicly as there is a Facebook page about Lewis and a memorial bench will be set up for him. Because of respect about Covid rules I am unable to attend the memorial tomorrow in Rochester so am writing this as my contribution.

I met Lewis in 2018 at a church in Margate. My memories are of someone who had a passion for life and a cheeky sense of humour. We once laughed our heads off about a place called Dargate which we said we would one day visit and have a milkshake there. Lewis commented that Dargate sounded like a funny take on Margate.

Lewis had his struggles, but he never complained. He battled on. And he taught me lots. Lots about walking on through the wind and rain though dreams be tossed and broken. So Lewis I remember you and I walk on with hope in my heart, knowing you have found your heavenly home.

Looking forward to when we meet again and I will have that milkshake in your memory.

RIP Lewis X


YouTube (accessed 20/12/2020)


  1. A beautiful tribute to a young man I had the privilege to meet too. So sad but he’s left this earth to go to a much better place. RIP Lewis. Gone but not forgotten.

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