Being in tier 4

I live in an area of the UK that has been put into the strictest lockdown and so I thought I would write about this today.

The stringent measures are in my view necessary as the virus has a new strain that seems to be pushing infections up. But this blog is about hope and so that is not my focus.

From the pandemic has come a really strong community spirit. People not throwing their excess Christmas food bought for large numbers away. People offering to help others with their dinner, donating turkey to the local foodbank. This thoughtfulness is in my opinion not so much about the individual, but rather a collective consciousness; humanity rather than looking to one’s own interests.

I am reading a beautiful book at the moment and was struck by this quote from Thomas a Kempis:

Whoever loves much does much. Whoever does a thing well does much. And he does well who serves the common community before his own interests.

I think society is shifting towards a common interest; not necessarily defeating a virus, but simply and understanding that we are all in this together and that if I have surplus food it might help you because you are my brother. Materialism is metamorphosing into redistribution. People are looking at the long-term view in regard to our beautiful planet and how to honour our resources rather than take them for granted.

Today’s recipe of hope if your Christmas plans have been smashed is to redefine them. Can you give surplus food to a foodbank or an organisation supporting the homeless? Be creative and please share what you decide to do.


Fairweather, J. (2019). The Volunteer. London: Penguin Random House UK.


  1. Wonderful post thank you. I was talking to my mum this morning about this much needed shift towards personal spirituality involving thinking about our community, loving, being together supporting one another because actually we are all vulnerable. It’s beautiful sharing what we have looking after one another and the planet which is our physical life source. One saying which pops up regularly and has helped me walk a mile in another’s moccasins to lose my ignorance and gain love is that phrase “there but for the grace of God go I”. Thank you for today’s post.

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