Loving oneself

As the year draws to a close, I am sure many of us are engaging in some reflection over the past year. It has undoubtedly been one of the most tumultuous years ever for us all and many lessons have been learned, tears shed and goodbyes felt. And the New Year is about to greet us, with fresh possibilities and hopes. A new adventure of hope is about to begin.

I am not the biggest fan of New Year Resolutions, because they tend to dwindle away quite quickly in my experience. However I am a fan of starting new ventures, such as this blog. However one change I am going to make next year is to learn more about loving myself. As I work with others, I think it is especially important to model self-care and self-respect.

What does this look like? Here are some suggestions

Set time aside to do things you enjoy; talking to friends, walking by the sea, reading. This is relaxing and helps to recharge the batteries.

Create margins of space. By this I mean don’t get into a situation where one simply charges from one thing to another. Life becomes a tick box exercise and the enjoyment is squeezed out.

Be honest with yourself. Ask am I happy? Is this where I belong? If the answer is no that is perfectly fine. Maybe, just maybe it is time to move somewhere different or change jobs.

Leave toxic relationships behind. We change as we go through life. Some friendships run their course and that is absolutely healthy adult behaviour. It is okay to disengage from those who don’t fit with us. Sometimes relationships grow stale and sometimes it is time to let go. That paves the way for people to come in who fit where we are today.

Don’t compare. Life isn’t a competition. So what if you have 3000 friends on Facebook and I have 10. It really doesn’t matter. We should be happy for one another. And on that front, let’s be sensitive. If we are blessed in areas others are not, then let’s be aware that may be a stark reminder of a gaping space in someone’s life. Obviously we can share our happiness and lives, but in a kind way. And if we detect jealousy, then this is often a result of pain, or inbsecurity.

And let go of the past. I admit to struggling with this. Let’s embrace today rather than yearn for yesterday, because it is gone.

Today’s recipe of hope is to do an end of year inventory. Take stock and if you aren’t caring for yourself, resolve to rectify this. Celebrate you today X


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