Who is your hero?

I am reading one of the most profound and inspiring books I have ever read. The true story of an amazing man. We all need a hero, someone whose story fills us with utter hope.

My hero, who I have only just discovered is Witold Pilecki. The amazing tale of his life which involved offering himself as a volunteer to be imprisoned in Auschwitz is simply spellbinding.

Wittold defines himself as a hero because, as far as he is able, he does not succumb to the hellish brutality he witnesses around him. He encourages those around him to keep their humanity. He is altogether brave and fearless.

However the most important facet of Wittold’s life is his desire to speak about the atrocities he witrnessed in the death camp. When so many minimised or turned a blind eye, Wittold continued to make reports of the atrocities taking placxe.

This has so much to teach us all. Being hopeful is not just a fluffy feeling; it also entails figthing for what is right and speaking up against what is wrong.

So who are your heroes/heroines? And what have they taught you? I want to emulate Wittold’s unswerving commitment to speak up, even when it would appear the world has its fingers in its ears.


Fairweather, J., 2019. The Volunteer. London: Penguin Random House UK


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