What an adventure of hope

At the start of this year I committed to write every day during 2020. And I didn’t quite achieve it, but I think having a fractured wrist excuses me a few days. So as today draws towards its close, there are almost but not quite 365 posts. And that is okay.

I am pleased that I wrote almost every day for 2020. I am thrilled to have a lovely number of followers and have received many lovely comments and likes. As a first time blogger I have been introduced to a wonderful community of like minded people.

I am still thinking what to do over the next year, so watch this space. I am not going to be writing daily, as it is a huge commitment, but I will keep you updated with the 2021 adventure!

I would love to hear about how the daily recipes of hope have helped you on your life journey and whether you have found the blogs helpful in this very difficult year. I have found them helpful to write and have learnt a lot about Hope. I think my work has benefitted; hope has helped me to carry great hopes for other people.

Today’s final hope recipe is to write down your hopes for next year and keep them visible. Because hope truly keeps us alive X


  1. It’s great that you posted nearly 365 times, Hope. To my mind, it’s an even greater achievement that you didn’t reach that “perfect total”.
    I find it all to easy to be motivated by obligation, “must” and “should”… Like you I have missed the odd posting (I only set myself weekly posts) and I found that the followng posts were all the better for the week off.
    Hoping that your injury mends realy soon and that you find a wellspring of energy in your slightly more easeful scheduling in 2021.
    And hoping you can spend a bit of time each day in contact with nature, or sky, or feeling your feet in connection with the earth that supports each one of us xxx

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    1. Thank you for your comments and support throughout the year. I love what you said about my imperfect ‘performance’. I must admit over the past couple of days I wrestled with writing small vignettes to make up the shortfall of posts. Then I thought ‘stuff it’. I felt that lacked integrity and what I have learnt most from this year is that hope doesn’t equal success. It actually comes alive in the face of failure. So I might do one final post but then again I might not and that is okay.

      I wish you a peaceful and safe 2021 and keep up your beautiful writing Xx


  2. Wonderful! Thank you so much for being with us on this 2020 rollercoaster of life and through bringing us hope each day. It has really encouraged me and you have really encouraged me too! Thank you for your dedication to writing your blog. I can see how much you have progressed over the year and it has been a delight to read your posts and follow your journey. A big deep Thank you! Happy 2021!

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    1. Thank you my lovely friend for your support and encouragement. I am so pleased I wrote so many posts and it might not have been 365 but I did my best. I have really enjoyed sharing my journey with you. Thank you for doing the guest blog slot which was fabulous.

      I wish you an adventurous and hopeful 2021 Xxx


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