February Reflection

The snow has hit us in the UK with a fierce face. I am snowed in, sat in a room day after day as I don’t want to slip and slide and topple. And so are many others.

Battling to stay safe. Battling to stay safe in a pandemic and a snow-time. And keeping spirits up despite grim news of 114, 000 deaths. I am alive, I am still fit and healthy. Gratitude is part of my day. Gratitude for health, friends and family.

And I am still able to work in an amazing project with amazing people. We are trying to help people with clothes, household goods and other items, to make staying at home a little bit easier.

This February is a mixture of cold, white and different. Staying in a different place to keep family safe. Keeping away from others, keeping distance but yet working through this crisis. It is a mixture.

I still carry my flame of hope. I still walk on through this storm and hope for a brighter day when we can return to a life when we can embrace again and fully connect as humans.

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