My ‘new normal’

In my opinion life as I knew it in 2019 when I was flying back from an amazing visit to Australia, will never return. Covid is a mutating disease, possibly dodging the vaccines we throw at it like some kind of ‘Sticky Monster’ game.

But that being said, it is possible to still be happy and still enjoy life, albeit in a far simpler way. I thought I would list the things I no longer do and now do and if you have any thoughts then please share. Life is shifting and changing, never the same. And a pandemic shifts us; our persepctive, our focus and values.

Here are my no longers:

I no longer us public transport if possible

I no longer go clothes shopping unless essential

I no longer use restaurants

And my changes:

More outdoor exercise, walking etc

I enjoy sitting in the garden

More time reading and thinking

Much simpler lifestyle and less emphasis on spending money to have fun

What does your new normal look like? And why is that?

Please share.

Most of all I refuse to let Covid ruin my life. Yes redefine but definitely not destroy

Have a good weekend and keep safe X

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