Silence is golden

I have been reflecting on many things recently. And been battling some deep stuff. One thing I have come to consider as a gift that is often unwrapped and ignored, lying there, waiting to be opened, is silence.

What on earth is this about? You may be wondering. Words are so powerful. We can destroy another person with criticism, nasty comments (trolling) and gossip. Words are in many senses weapons of mass destruction, as can be seen in the political realm.

So what is silence? It is sometimes better not to speak. When someone hurts us and doesn’t realise (or may do but they do not apologise), we can confront or not. And being silent is a strength. Confronting is also a strength but I am not sure it is always the best way forward. Keeping one’s own counsel, processing the hurt in a dignified way, can be a different route.

Retaliation is in my opinion, a petty response to an action of hurt. Personally I choose the path of forgiveness, although this is not an emotional response, rather a deliberate decision.

I think silence speaks volumes. It conveys a message and also means one does not have to regret words spoken in haste. And then when one does choose to respond (or not as the case may be), it is a measured considered response rather than an emotional reaction which could effectively detroy a relationship.

What do you think? Has anyone said something they wish they had kept silent about? Or kept silent when maybe speaking out would have been better. Please get in touch X

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