Practical ways to help others and avoid unnecessary waste

I have been thinking a great deal about our beautiful planet recently and how we can be more creative in how we dispose of unwanted things. So here is some learning from the past few months. I haven’t included charity shops, which are a somewhat obvious option and sell items on. Personally, I prefer to help others directly, but that is just my choice.

I like the idea of acting as a conduit and moving things from here to there. You could put unwanted items on a table outside your house, or even in a local space with a notice offering them for free. It may seem obvious but do ensure jigsaws don’t have pieces missing etc as that can be disappointing.

Perhaps consider donating books or toys or craft materials to a local care home, as they do activities. And a care home with people who have dementia may welcome children’s toys, because they are suitable.

Offer unwanted books and clothes to friends. Or a clothes bank. Or you may want to put up a clothing rail somewhere and put items out for free. Facebook is a great way to advertise unwanted items. There are some lovely groups out there.

Broken plates or bowls can be glued with gold paint (kintsugi). I plan to have a go at this sometime.

And baby toys make really good bird toys. They are bright and fun, especially ones with doors.

Just a few ideas. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. Let’s help the planet together X

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