How to keep sane in insane times

I don’t know about everyone else, but it seems to me that life has been tipped on its head. Only five years ago, the emphasis was on celebrity showbiz gossip, the latest fashions and looking beautiful. Now the emphasis is on the daily death toll, how many are infected by a new virus and vaccination statistics. Who would have thought it? No one anticipated a pandemic.

So these days are very unusual. How does one as a human navigate the stress and trauma of it all. Well, thus far I have managed to keep my sanity and also my health, for which I am extremely grateful. So I thought would share about how I have got through.

  1. Keeping it simple. I try not to overcomplicate things. I am prone to over analysis and I am trying to live in the moment, appreciating the beauty that is each day and not look too far ahead. I know what I know and feel what I feel.
  2. Keeping close to nature. I regularly feed swans with special food, not bread, as this isn’t good for them. They love being fed and have accepted me into their swan tribe. But a word of caution, swans are terribly territorial, so approach with caution. Their hiss is a warning of not coming too close.
  3. Looking after myself, I regularly take exercise which is walking when I can, not relying on the car. I also take two vitamin D daily, which has staved off colds for a long long time. I take other vitamins too. I am not going to comment about vaccination here, because that isn’t the focus of this post. See Lady D’s for some excellent blogs on health and wellbeing.
  4. Enjoying simple pleasures. I spend a lot more time inside now, mainly because in my view, keeping safe means spending more time indoors. I want to avoid catching covid and other Winter viruses, so I have hunkered down. I dance and listen to music and enjoy being with me.
  5. Not having a television. I have decided against having one in my life, as I get so distracted and spend hours watching things when I could have used my time more productively. I have really got into reading. I love crime thrillers, but have had a break from this recently. I have just read ‘Between sisters’ by Cathy Kelly, which is a lovely heart warming read. I recommend trying a new writer or genre. It is like going on an adventure. In my opinion there is nothing as pleasurable as getting lost in a good book. Does anyone have any recommendations?

So those are a few of the things I have been up to? Please share how you have kept sane in these strange times. Love to you all and thank you for reading and commenting, it means so much X


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