Who is your hero?

I am reading one of the most profound and inspiring books I have ever read. The true story of an amazing man. We all need a hero, someone whose story fills us with utter hope. My hero, who I have only just discovered is Witold Pilecki. The amazing tale of his life which involved offeringContinue reading “Who is your hero?”

Hope of Justice

I have given much thought over the past months, to what justice means, particularly in regard to male violence against women. There is a wonderful organisation called The Centre for Women’s Justice (CWJ) here in the UK and its aim is: Holding the state to account for violence against women and girls. I want toContinue reading “Hope of Justice”


Yesterday’s post was about sacrifice in 2020 and today I wanted to focus on compassion. Because compassion and sacrifice are close friends and walk hand in hand with hope. What does compassion mean? According to Mr Google: The meaning of compassion is to recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help. Compassion embodies a tangible expression of loveContinue reading “Compassion”

The hallmark of the year

(also posted on Hope 2018) I have been thinking a great deal about the past year which has been turbulent, to say the least. There are two words which for me encapsulate 2020; sacrifice and kindness. There have been many acts of sacrifice over the year. One of the most striking acts of selflessness isContinue reading “The hallmark of the year”