The Clothes, shoes, food helpline

Recently, as you know, I have been living in a new and different way, questioning many old habits and things I took for granted; essentially my material possessions and why I have them and whether I need them and could I help someone else by giving some away? I had a great deal of myContinue reading “The Clothes, shoes, food helpline”

Living life differently

I think most of us view life very differently now than at the beginning of the year, pre lockdown, pre pandemic. But that isn’t such a bad thing. Re-evaluation is important; we evolve, grow, re-evaluate and reflect. So what are the lessons of life for me this year? I have learnt to truly appreciate smallContinue reading “Living life differently”

Charity begins at home

I am writing this because I have been considering the concept of the charity shop model. I want to explore this a bit in today’s post. Charity shops have been a well established feature of the UK for many years. And support many charities, in bringing in finances from cheap items. However, as time hasContinue reading “Charity begins at home”

The best laid plans…

After sharing my virtual oops moment, I had an actual oops moment yesterday. I stumbled and smashed into the doorframe, spraining my ankle and possibly fracturing my hand, so my intended two blogs yesterday were only one. So I am one behind. Having an accident wrecks one’s day. My lovely day off turned into aContinue reading “The best laid plans…”

Life is full of surprises!

I have just watched a programme about the Australian bush fires. Little did I think when I went to see my family in Sydney for Christmas and New Year, that I would be living through a state of National Emergency. My sister’s pets were evacuated at one point and we had a beautiful rag dollContinue reading “Life is full of surprises!”

Fighting for hope

I have just watched a wonderful film, which encapsulates hope; the hope of finding someone who has disappeared: Enola Holmes. I love the quirky, idiosyncratic narrative and Enola’s free spirit. Well worth a watch. The film got me thinking about women. Women have fought for centuries; to be recognised, to have equal rights and aContinue reading “Fighting for hope”