Hope from the streets

Today I was filled with hope from two of our clothes bank visitors who kindly agreed to be videod. This is in relation to wonderful funding for the Community Outreach Project from the National Lottery Community Fund and part of the Government’s £750 million support package for charities#communities can. Two of our wonderful service usersContinue reading “Hope from the streets”

Time to think (also posted on Hope 2018)

I can be an overthinker. I admit that and it isn’t helpful. However, I also need time to think and plan and reflect. I need margins. In our busy world it is easy to rush about doing this and that and going from thing to thing so that our to do list is reduced. ButContinue reading “Time to think (also posted on Hope 2018)”

Rethinking during a pandemic

I have been doing a lot of thinking during this year. About hope and about help and about how to help people find hope. I think in these times, we all need to be refreshed in our hope tank. And we all need to rethink what life is about and what we need and doContinue reading “Rethinking during a pandemic”

Purring hope machines

Today I wanted to share the joy of spending time with six bundles of hope. Hercules, Ursa, Juno, Mr Holmes and Nova are five of these little hope packages. I could literally watch kittens for hours. Their is a spring in their step, a playfulness and vibrancy and a joy of being alive that isContinue reading “Purring hope machines”

The social dilemma

I watched a fascinating programme tonight about the power of artificial intelligence and how we as humans are being manipulated by this and are becoming addicted to social media. Guilty as charged. At the end of the programme which is extremely worth watching, some very interesting questions are asked, such as deactivating all social mediaContinue reading “The social dilemma”

Tales from the clothed with dignity project

My one rusty clothes rail has grown exponentially. Donations have poured in literally. Today, a lovely kind hearted solicitor asked me what we were in desperate need of. I said “baby milk”. He cam back shortly afterwards, balancing several cans on top of one another. What a star! I have recently had several discussions aboutContinue reading “Tales from the clothed with dignity project”