Going home, recipe of hope, day 18

I am thinking today about what the word ‘home means and how hope in the heart can make a home. Many people have lost homes in the recent bushfires and are starting again. I am about to depart from Australia and return to the UK, where, technically my home is. I was born in SydneyContinue reading “Going home, recipe of hope, day 18”

Singin’ in the Sydney rain day 17

Today I am writing in green because rain is pouring down outside the window onto the parched Sydney ground, offering a symbol of hope that life will come soon, shooting up. Plants will grow, nature will revive because of the miracle that is skywater. It has been raining solidly this morning and yesterday there wasContinue reading “Singin’ in the Sydney rain day 17”

Journey Into Hope day 12

I am in the process of preparing to leave Australia. Being here during a National emergency has been harrowing, sobering and has also shown me a different perspective on life. I have been absorbing the amazing visit to the Koala Hospital. One experience can last several days. Stories continue to emerge of the incredible courageContinue reading “Journey Into Hope day 12”

Journey Into Hope day 10

Well what an amazing couple of days I have had in Port Macquarie. I have had much time to reflect and absorb the language of hope. I am hopeful because yesterday there were two thunderstorms here and I got absolutely drenched! Weather can change life can change, I can change. I went to visit theContinue reading “Journey Into Hope day 10”

Hope of koalas day 14

THE WORD KOALA COMES FROM AN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE. Koala derives from the Dharug language, which was spoken by the Darug people living in present-day New South Wales, and has also been written as koola, kulla, and kula. Interestingly; the aboriginal and native people of Australia were the first ones to discover koalas and on the basis of the koalas’ habitat whichContinue reading “Hope of koalas day 14”

Journey into hope day 13

life is for living Bill Keane: ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present’ Let us reflect Reflections today comprise whether Bill Keane is correct in his view of the present moment. Having travelled a journey of hope for the past thirteenContinue reading “Journey into hope day 13”