Practical ways to help others and avoid unnecessary waste

I have been thinking a great deal about our beautiful planet recently and how we can be more creative in how we dispose of unwanted things. So here is some learning from the past few months. I haven’t included charity shops, which are a somewhat obvious option and sell items on. Personally, I prefer toContinue reading “Practical ways to help others and avoid unnecessary waste”

The Big Shift I wanted to share my experience during the pandemic. I am a qualified social worker and I was running groups for vulnerable adults. Then Covid came and along with that came a big shift in my thinking. I was working alongside a foodbank and as an experiment I put out a rusty old clothesContinue reading “The Big Shift”

Creating meaning Thinking outside the box #CreateMeaningI wanted to share my thoughts around redefining work in a meaningful way. Sometimes the mundane creeps in and we feel stuck. Sometimes work feels overwhelming or stressful. As a social worker, I think it is important to follow the fundamental principle of social work ethics and help others. I alsoContinue reading “Creating meaning”