Good Friday 2017-Stories from the streets

Giving a voice to the voiceless Myself (Hope), my mum and Sue We went to our local area. First we met Sid who was outside the Baptist church. He had laid all his clothes out and was transferring them from his suitcase into a lovely rucksack he had been given. Sid took a ‘To KillContinue reading “Good Friday 2017-Stories from the streets”

Felicity’s finest hour

One day a new fairy arrived in District Lullaby. He was very strong and could boast of many teeth he had collected over many years. Jay made all the fairies laugh so much that their wings would shake and spray iridescent dust until the flowers shone extra brightly. Felicity found Jay funny too. But thereContinue reading “Felicity’s finest hour”

Felicity the toothless fairy

Felicity was looking forward to starting her new role. She was now a fully qualified tooth fairy. ‘Reporting for duty’ said Felicity in an enthusiastic tone. Fairy Godmother smiled. ‘I am really looking forward to having you on team sparkle. ‘Thank you’ said Felicity. ‘Now I will just explain the weekly rota’ said Fairy Godmother.Continue reading “Felicity the toothless fairy”

Snuffy’s golden Path

A true story This is a tribute to Snuffy, otherwise known as Snufflebun. I thought perhaps the best tribute to Snuffy who I would describe, was to tell her story from the beginning. So I have written it as a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin at the beginning. Once upon aContinue reading “Snuffy’s golden Path”