My ‘new normal’

In my opinion life as I knew it in 2019 when I was flying back from an amazing visit to Australia, will never return. Covid is a mutating disease, possibly dodging the vaccines we throw at it like some kind of ‘Sticky Monster’ game. But that being said, it is possible to still be happyContinue reading “My ‘new normal’”

Lessons Learnt in a clothing bank

I thought I would share some of the lessons I have been learning throughout this unusual time. As you know I manage a clothes bank in the community, so I have been able to meet people and have not had to stay at home as I am a keyworker. So these are a few thingsContinue reading “Lessons Learnt in a clothing bank”

If you are stuck, don’t stick at it

I recently learnt some major lessons. I moved and was in a place which I knew just didn’t feel right. It was okay, it just wasn’t the right environment. And I had been offered a place before. Initially I thought it was important to stick with it. So I did and nothing changed. I layContinue reading “If you are stuck, don’t stick at it”

The power of ruthless simplification

I like beautiful things. But for multifarious reasons I have needed to trim down my belongings and this has been a hard path. I was so reluctant to do this. However I have found that almost being forced into a corner regarding this has made me look at things in a different way. As youContinue reading “The power of ruthless simplification”

Working in a pandemic

Today I wanted to share my experiences of working through the pandemic and running a community project. To start with it has been an honour and a privilege to support our fellow humans. As a keyworker, I have been able to do this. We started our community project in May 2019, offering groups to vulnerableContinue reading “Working in a pandemic”

Success and sacrifice

Many of us want to be successful, living peaceful happy lives. However, I wonder if the way towards this means sacrifice. Let me expound. I manage a community project and run a clothing bank, offering free clothing, toys, bedding and shoes to those in need. We also offer a free man and van service onContinue reading “Success and sacrifice”

The Dream Tree

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and doing okay. It is with great joy that I wanted to share some good news. I am having a children’s book published called ‘The Dream Tree: Part One’. It is for children aged 6 to 8 and is about hope and resilience against the odds. ItContinue reading “The Dream Tree”