The Dream Tree

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and doing okay. It is with great joy that I wanted to share some good news. I am having a children’s book published called ‘The Dream Tree: Part One’. It is for children aged 6 to 8 and is about hope and resilience against the odds. ItContinue reading “The Dream Tree”

Mama to Mama

These beautiful clothes are an example of the amazing Mama to Mama project. This is a wonderful project, where pre-loved baby items are presented in a gorgeous box with a lovely note and given to new mamas. from mama to mama. The instigator of this idea is Jayne Furniss. The pre-loved items are sourced fromContinue reading “Mama to Mama”

“Tomorrow will be a good day”

Goodnight to our National Treasure Captain Sir Tom Moore. RIP. This man was my hero. He brought hope and joy to our nation and inspired us all. For those in Britain, we share the sadness of losing one amazing bright star however he achieved the amazing age of 100. Captain Sir Tom Moore: Remembering theContinue reading ““Tomorrow will be a good day””

January Reflection

You may have noticed a change with the blog-well there has been one. I completed my adventure into hope so the recipes will be there, but this year I will be taking a different stance. Following the suggestion of Writing Presence who writes an excellent blog, I am going to write twelve reflections, for theContinue reading “January Reflection”