Redefining the concept of charity

As you know I am someone who is adventuring along Hope’s pathway and asking a lot of questions along the way. One question that I am exploring is the concept of ‘charity’. Charity implies philanthropy; giving something to someone as an act of kindness. And from charity has sprung the retail industry that is charityContinue reading “Redefining the concept of charity”

The D word

This evening I wanted to discuss a rarely discussed topic: dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder. Here are some interesting facts: Daniel Radcliffe (Actor) Cara Delevingne (Model, Actress and Singer) Florence Welch (Singer) David Bailey (Photographer) The above famous people have dyspraxia, as do I. I wasn’t diagnosed until studying towards my MA. I want toContinue reading “The D word”

Christmas in Covid

I have been thinking about our clothing bank and what we will be doing for Christmas. So I thought I would share this with you today. Martyn Lewis, who I greatly respect: ‘is encouraging people to avoid getting themselves into unnecessary debt this Christmas by buying gifts for the likes of cousins, friends, neighbours andContinue reading “Christmas in Covid”

Many hope lessons in Covid

Today I am going to post twice, as I had a little break and this will cover the missing posts over the past four days. So I wanted to share about my Covid experience and hope lessons I have learned. Change direction. The pandemic has brought many things to a grinding halt. This is reallyContinue reading “Many hope lessons in Covid”

The Clothes, shoes, food helpline

Recently, as you know, I have been living in a new and different way, questioning many old habits and things I took for granted; essentially my material possessions and why I have them and whether I need them and could I help someone else by giving some away? I had a great deal of myContinue reading “The Clothes, shoes, food helpline”

Living life differently

I think most of us view life very differently now than at the beginning of the year, pre lockdown, pre pandemic. But that isn’t such a bad thing. Re-evaluation is important; we evolve, grow, re-evaluate and reflect. So what are the lessons of life for me this year? I have learnt to truly appreciate smallContinue reading “Living life differently”

Charity begins at home

I am writing this because I have been considering the concept of the charity shop model. I want to explore this a bit in today’s post. Charity shops have been a well established feature of the UK for many years. And support many charities, in bringing in finances from cheap items. However, as time hasContinue reading “Charity begins at home”