Welcome Message

Welcome to Adventure Into Hope. I really appreciate your joining this adventure. At the start of 2020 I decided to embark on a ‘hope experiment’; writing daily hope recipes, to help create a positive day.

This site offers a space to explore the meaning of hope-what is it? Is it a choice, a process of transformation, or simply a series of fluctuating emotions?

I will offer daily recipes, exploring how to lead a hopeful and purposeful life. Using everyday examples, themes will be examined and ways to deal with despair will be discussed.

‘Journey into hope 2020’ will be helpful for those who may battle with suicidal thoughts, despair or depression.

Please share your dreams, thoughts and comments with me. I have always dreamed of being a writer and this is my launchpad into that journey.

I welcome you all and thank you for reading this X

Tales from the clothed with dignity project

My one rusty clothes rail has grown exponentially. Donations have poured in literally. Today, a lovely kind hearted solicitor asked me what we were in desperate need of. I said “baby milk”. He cam back shortly afterwards, balancing several cans on top of one another. What a star! I have recently had several discussions aboutContinue reading “Tales from the clothed with dignity project”

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