In the beginning

The Holy Bible starts with possibly the most well known biblical passage: ‘In the beginning’ Genesis (1:1). There is always a beginning, middle and end, especially with written literature. And let’s face it the beginning of something is what grabs us. I started my blog on 1st January 2020, in the midst of a nationalContinue reading “In the beginning”

Hopeful Creativity

I have been spending a great deal of the lockdown being creative; working in a creative manner, writing stories, writing my blog (if you would like creative fun then Reedsy Prompts is fab. What does creativity do? It helps with keeping our minds fit, healthy and hopeful. It links us with a beautiful community ofContinue reading “Hopeful Creativity”

Shout out to the world

As a relatively new blogger (now three months into my Hope adventure), I have been fascinated and encouraged by having followers who in all likelihood I will never meet, other than in the blogosphere. It is truly a wondrous thing how blogging connects us through words on a page, not through speech or meeting inContinue reading “Shout out to the world”