Celebrating Amanda

I don’t normally ever do this, but today one of my special friends is fifty. And there is a lockdown so her birthday plans have altered. So I am celebrating in the best way I know, by writing about her, because she is a true hope carrier. And I think many of you will be inspired by reading about her.

Amanda has a beautiful gift of bringing hope and fun to those for whom life is more challenging; for those who have difficulties in areas that many of us do not struggle with, such as learning. Amanda has for many years tirelessly worked to set up beautiful holidays, where everyone is equal and everyone brings what they can to serve the others in the group. This is simply beautiful. I was planning to attend one this year, which has been cancelled due to Covid.

I celebrate Amanda’s life because she is visionary and hard working and gifted in numerous ways and puts things into practice. She has run many wonderful Zoom groups throughout lockdown, offering support to people who would have been alienated and alone. These are some; wellbeing group, cinema club, relationships group, discos, quiz evenings.

Amanda you have taught me many things during our friendship. I wish you a tremendous birthday year and thank you for being a truly inspirational and precious friend.

Today’s recipe of hope is to write to a friend and celebrate their life and your friendship

May we all inspire hope in one another X