Circle of hope

As I have been sharing recently, I have been touched by the hands of hope in our community, who have reached out to others. So today I want to discuss this in more detail. There was an article in our local newspaper asking for help for our foodbank. And the help has literally poured in;Continue reading “Circle of hope”

Moving on with hope

As many of you may be aware, I run a community project and the aim is to offer hope to the community. Let’s explore how we can help our community to move on from difficult times. These are the principles which I adhere to in running the project I work in. Abundance; people can haveContinue reading “Moving on with hope”

Making a difference in lockdown

I have the privilege of co-coordinating a community project for vulnerable adults. When the lockdown first happened I wondered how on earth we could support our wonderful service users, because we used to meet in groups and share meals together. However this pandemic has taught us all how to reach out even in lockdown. So,Continue reading “Making a difference in lockdown”