The importance of others

I read a wonderful daily reading called ‘Word For Today’ by UCB. This fabulous free publication offers daily readings and is a wonderful guide. It is helpful for me in my Christian faith, but is equally relevant to people who do not have any faith, as it is full of pearls of wisdom. This has really helped inspire me on how to write this daily blog.

Recently I read something in the ‘Word For Today’ which greatly impacted me. It spoke of surrounding ourselves with others who are successful and can speak into our lives. And seeking their guidance. Stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

I have done this myself recently. One of my friends who encourages me greatly is a marketing expert and has helped me grow my circle of followers. That has really pushed me, because marketing myself does not sit comfortably with me. So a big thank you to her for her tips and advice. Another friend has been reading this daily since the beginning. And someone else is considering writing a blog too. Thanks to you all. And thank you followers and welcome new followers.

We cannot do life alone. Yesterday’s guest blog showed how my friend Helen cared for her mum following her stroke. Helen’s mum absolutely needed her daughter to show her how to rebuild her life and she made an amazing recovery. We need one another and more than ever in these times. We need to offer and receive support;shopping, telephone calls, jigsaw puzzle delivery.

People can sometimes really challenge us. The role of a parent is to bring correction to their offspring and it may not be pleasant; as in getting a child to tidy their room, however this is fundamental because it teaches children the necessary skills for adult life. And sometimes our friends can see our blind spots and tell us things about ourselves we may not see. And it is very important to choose close friends wisely, because friends who are a bad influence will invariably have a negative impact upon us. This is called a toxic relationship. The way to go is to build safe relationships.

I have often got this aspect of life wrong and so this is work in progress for me. It is so easy to get embroiled with destructive people who at first present as charismatic and charming. My advice is to have a three month rule in a relationship with anyone, because after three months someone’s true character starts to show. Am I feeling drained by this person? Are they making unreasonable demands upon my time? Do I dread speaking to them? Is this person trying to control me? If the answers to any of these questions are yes, then maybe the friendship needs to be reviewed. And yes it is okay to say goodbye to people sometimes.

On the flip side; am I stretched and challenged by this person? Do I feel good after speaking with them? Are they generous and kind towards me? Do I learn things from them? If the answers to these questions are yes, then I would say these friendships are healthy. And I ask myself am I a friend like this?

Today’s recipe of hope then is to have a good think about the importance of others in your life and to think about how important you are to others. If you are a father or mother, how would your children describe you? If a sister, what would your siblings say about you? Do a self-inventory and be brutally honest with yourself. Ask some questions and then make some changes.And maybe stretch yourself. If you aren’t getting something done or want some advice about something, recah out to someone whose advice you value. And put it into practice.

I wish you all a day where you know how truly important you are to this world X