If you are stuck, don’t stick at it

I recently learnt some major lessons. I moved and was in a place which I knew just didn’t feel right. It was okay, it just wasn’t the right environment. And I had been offered a place before. Initially I thought it was important to stick with it. So I did and nothing changed. I layContinue reading “If you are stuck, don’t stick at it”

Let’s change the environment by wearing rubbish

I have become fascinated by thinking about rubbish, because there is so much waste and yet also so much concern about our planet being consumed by landfills and what goes in them. So what can we do? I think we can commit ourselves to doing things differently, like this wonderful article shows us: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/c77jz3mdmezt/recycling IfContinue reading “Let’s change the environment by wearing rubbish”

Hope for the environment

Today I want to write about hope for our planet and what we can do as a practical contribution towards making big, significant and lasting changes. I think we can reverse some of the damage done by making conscious efforts and choices to change things. So I am going to try not to buy flavouredContinue reading “Hope for the environment”

Hope for the environment

There is much on the news about the environment. Greta Thunberg inspired me recently at her speech at a rally in Bristol. I feel those of us who have been on the planet a long while must consider doing things differently. So what have I been doing to change things? I have set up aContinue reading “Hope for the environment”