January Reflection

You may have noticed a change with the blog-well there has been one. I completed my adventure into hope so the recipes will be there, but this year I will be taking a different stance. Following the suggestion of Writing Presence who writes an excellent blog, I am going to write twelve reflections, for theContinue reading “January Reflection”

Tales from the clothed with dignity project

My one rusty clothes rail has grown exponentially. Donations have poured in literally. Today, a lovely kind hearted solicitor asked me what we were in desperate need of. I said “baby milk”. He cam back shortly afterwards, balancing several cans on top of one another. What a star! I have recently had several discussions aboutContinue reading “Tales from the clothed with dignity project”

Stories of hope from a foodbank

The lessons I am learning from our clothing bank are that creativity is a good way to be able to help people. A pavement dweller asked me for men’s clothing last week and I didn’t have anything, but I asked if he read. “True crime” was the response, so I found him some lovely books. A woman came who asked for baby clothes. Again, we didn’t have any. But we did have a lovely great condition baby walker. So I always try to give people something.