Writing into hope

As you may have gathered, without going into detail, writing is helping me on my recovery journey. Recovery in my case is from severe trauma, but it can also be from addictions to drugs or alcohol or pornography and also from mental illness as well as physical.

There is power in language, both spoken and written. I believe words can wound deeply and they can also build up and heal. On paper words can take us into another world. I learnt this as a child, when reading the wonderful ‘Little Women’, by Louisa May Alcott. I always wanted to be Jo, who sat in a garret eating an apple. I dreamed of being a writer when I grew up and read voraciously as a child. And now I feel my writing hour has come.

This blog is helping me in my recovery, as I pour out my feelings onto the blank screen. I focus on hope and what this means. In terms of recovery words of hope are in my view extremely important. both verbal and written. Words of reassurance, kindness, encouragement and love. This helps as an antidote to trauma.

And in my own life hope journey, pouring my own words onto the page helps me to work through the suffering. I am holding onto Hope’s hand as it were and letting her lead me forward. And yes I believe God and Hope are the same, because God is a God of hope in my opinion.

So today’s recipe of hope is to try writing down your most painful thoughts as a release. It is also to speak to someone if you feel you are bottling it all up and need to talk. I would recommend organisations such as ‘The Samaritans’ which is a free service. They are non-judegemntal and on hand 24/7. And if you are feeling suicidal as many of us have at times in our darkest hours, then there are many people out there who want to reach out a hand of hope. Please, please tell someone how you are feeling. I have battled severe depression and there is always a brighter day. You are not alone, people care and I care.

Keep hoping onwards X