Hope and light

One common image of Hope is a candle, shining in darkness. As a Christian I believe in The Light of The World, God’s Hope for humanity in His Son.

Today I want to discuss the beauty of light. There is a wonder when it comes to the dawn of the day, seeing the sun rise, with the first breath of the morning. And at night the setting sun, when the light wanes, promises that it will rise again.

The beauty of effervescent dancing sunlight. The inspiration of the light of a campfire, craclking and sizzling. The hope of lighting a candle in memory of somone who may have died, or be seriously ill.

Light is beautiful. A shaft of light coming in metaphorically can transform us. This can be a friend inviting us round, calling, checking in, making a suggestion as to a way forward. A shaft of light, a ray of hope to lighten our murky path.

A rainbow is especially wondrous. My heart sings with joy when I see the various hues rising from the sky. A promise of beauty. A whisper of encouragement.

Today’s recipe of hope is to look towards the light and celebrate hope in some way connected with light. It may be to sit and gaze at the sunset, or rise with the dawn, or sit with a beautiful scented candle.

May we look towards the light and the hope that it brings X